Zac Brown Band is set to release their third studio album, Uncaged, on July 10.  The album houses 11 solid songs that once again listeners will embrace from start to finish. Zac co-wrote 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, including a song with pop star Jason Mraz.

Uncaged is infused with various musical elements, from bluegrass – to reggae – to southern rock, with a lot of country in between.  The instrumentation is also a prominent factor on the album, showcasing the amazing talent that this band holds. 

Zac Brown Band kicks the album off with the appropriate named tune, “Jump Right In”, and that they do.  The song was written by Zac Brown, Jason Mraz and Wyatte Durrette, and serves as a great introduction to the album. Album titled track “Uncaged” is about breaking free and being spontaneous.  The song is also a great illustration of the band unfolding their talents with musical solos throughout the song.  “Goodbye In Her Eyes” is a soft song, complete with strong harmonies as Zac and the band sing about a girl who finds love somewhere else.  “The Wind” serves as the debut single from the new album and is a guitar pickin’, foot tapping, upbeat tune that provides a great reminder of the bluegrass genre.  The tropical /reggae theme is represented in “Island Song”, with a laid back feel that transports you to a tropical island.  The song will leave you craving a coconut & rum concoction, and make for a perfect “summertime” anthem anytime of the year.  “Sweet Annie” is another standout track on the album, once again showcasing the band’s distinct harmonies.  The song has been embraced in their live performances, and will make a great addition on country radio.  ZBB brings closer to the album with “Last But Not Least”. The song appears to serve as a testimony to the band’s loved ones and is passionately conveyed in the delivery by the band. 

Staying true to their roots, Zac Brown Band once again delivers an album that is solid from start to finish.  CountryMusicRocks favorite picks on Uncaged: “Goodbye In Her Eyes”, “The Wind”, “Sweet Annie”, “Lance’s Song”.

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