It was devastating to hear the tragic news of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises on 7/20/12.  Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this horrific tragedy. Country artists take to social media to express their concerns.

Luke Bryan – prayers for all those affected by the tragic events in colorado #coloradoshooting

Reba McEntire –  My heart and prayers go out to the folks in Aurora, CO. I’m so sorry this has happened. I don’t understand it.

Brad Paisley – There are no words to describe how terrible the Colorado theater shooting is. I’m so sad. Praying for these families.

John Rich – I can’t imagine my family being taken from me by a mad man in a movie theater. This is more than anyone can fathom. That’s Why I Pray.

Thompson Square – sending up prayers for the families of Aurora Colorado. God bless you

Julianne Hough – My love & prayers are with all the families that have been affected by the horrible, unspeakable torment from last nights shooting! #BeKind My heart is so heavy! Don’t take for granted the air we breath the people that touch us and the people we touch! #BeKindtoday

Randy Houser – Sickened by what has occurred in Aurora CO. Let’s do our best not to let the culprit have an ounce of fame for this gross act on humanity.

LeAnn Rimes Cibrean – The movies will never be the same again. So sorry and sad for the lost and the families victimized last night in Colorado. Peace be with you all

Hunter Hayes – Devastated. Speechless. Colorado, we pray for you! For you and for peace.

Greg Bates – Prayers and thoughts goin out to all those affected by the shooting in CO

Jana Kramer – So awful waking up to hear such terrible news. My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Jerrod Niemann – Disgusted by the devastating news in Colorado. So sad. They’ve had enough already. #stoptheviolence

David Nail – Thoughts and prayers with Colorado! Life can never be so bad that you feel the need to take away other innocent lives!

James Otto – My heart breaks for the victims & their families of this terrible tragedy in Colorado. Thankful the police have this psychopath in custody.

JT Hodges – I can’t believe what I’m watching in the news this morning!! Gunman guns down a movie theatre in Colorado at the Batman premiere? WTF!

Whitney Duncan – Watching the news…so so sad. Pray for those victims & families. #coloradoshooting

Steel Magnolia’s Meghan Linsey – Just read about the #theatershooting in Colorado. Who could do such a thing? And why??? Praying for the victims and their families. so sad.

The FARM – Just heard about the theater shooting in denver …. our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones …

Billy Ray Cyrus – Oh no ! Just woke up and turned on the news “14 dead 50 hurt in Batman movie shooting”. Praying for victims. So sorry and sad.