Tim McGraw is an incredibly busy guy. He’s a father of three daughters, a husband, an actor and of course he just signed a new record deal and is working on new music, plus he’s out on the Brothers of the Sun Tour all summer long, so how does he keep it all straight? He admits that he couldn’t do it without his super efficient wife, Faith Hill.

“Faith is great at it. She’s so type A and she’s very organized. She’s got my career and all the things I do and her career and all the other things she does and the house and all the family stuff and then the three girls with all their different interests,” he says. “I mean there’s such a great schedule and plus we’ve got great people working for us. And so they’re great … I’m not good at that at all.” Tim jokes, “I’m sort of like the meat that just shows up and does the job.”

But no matter how busy he gets family is always the priority, for everybody who works on his schedule. “Our first priority is as long as the kids are good and happy and stable, our family unit is stable and happy and everybody’s comfortable and in a good place then everything else sort of finds its spot,” says Tim. “As long as the top’s stable everything else just sort of finds a place to settle in.”

Catch Tim out on the Brothers of the Sun Tour this summer.  For a list of tour dates, and all things McGraw, visit his official website, www.TimMcGraw.com.