Kenny Chesney performed this morning on the Today Show as part of their Toyota Series Concerts.  Fans choose one of the songs Chesney was to perform and coming in at 62%, he kicked off the morning with appropriately fitting song “Summertime”.  Kenny also performed “Come Over”, the second single from his new album Welcome To The Fishbowl which is available NOW by clicking HERE. Plus check out the backstage pass where Chesney answers questions from his fans!

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  1. I was one of many who were lucky enough to see Kenny Wed in Wildwood and then spent the night in NYC at 30 Rock to be given the VIP treatment by everyone there on Friday Morning, including Kenny himself who came and signed my sign after the show!!!! He was so nice to everyone and continued to sign even after he was asked to end the signing session. Between the high fives, the pictures and the thank yous from Kenny , he truly made this week for me a lifetime memory I will never forget!!!!! This was my second night at 30 Rock to see Kenny on Today and I have to say, and I am not sure how Kenny can top how he made me feel this week.

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