Eric Church is taking matters, or more specifically tickets, out of the hands of scalpers and into the hands of fans.  As previously reported, Church has said “Scalpers piss me off” in an interview with Billboard

After uncovering that a number of concertgoers attending the first half of The Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour paid hugely inflated prices to scalpers to get good seats, Eric has decided to go paperless.

“It is important to get tickets into the hands of real fans at face value, and using paperless tickets is the way to do it,” says Eric.

This will apply to all seats on the floor and most of the seats in the lower bowl.

Info on how paperless tickets work (for Ticketmaster shows) is HERE.  This link address several issues, including if you are buying tickets for someone else and cannot be at the venue to obtain the tickets.

Outrageous shenanigans by scalpers on Eric’s sold out show in Nashville in May partly prompted the change.  Read more about that story HERE

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  1. Thanks Eric !! It’s time that someone found a way to stop that, I was one of those fans that bought a ticket for the Nashville show….I enjoyed the show & hope to be able to go to another maybe this time I want have to pay so much !!!

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