The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music program is set to release a deluxe edition of hot newcomers Edens Edge’s debut album.   The release of Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition coincides with Big Machine Records’ self-titled, standard edition – both will be available beginning June 12.  The Arkansas-bred band is comprised of lead vocalist Hannah Blaylock; harmony vocals, guitar and dobro player Dean Berner; and harmony singer, mandolin, banjo and guitar player Cherrill Green. Collectively, they penned half of the songs on the project as well as three exclusive tracks for the deluxe version which will be available at all Cracker Barrel locations and at  This marks the first time the brand has ever released the deluxe version on the same day as the artists’ nationwide release.  

“Growing up in small towns, we’re huge fans of home cooking and a family-style environment. Now that we’re on the road most of the year, we often find ourselves seated at Cracker Barrels across the country. It’s so exciting that one of our favorite places has asked us to be a part of their exclusive music program and give our mutual fans an extra helping of our favorite songs,” said Green.

“Our working with Cracker Barrel is a perfect fit. We started pickin’ and singing music with friends and family on front porches in our home state of Arkansas. And they’re a lot like the front porches at Cracker Barrel stores that we see across the country.  Every time we stop at a Cracker Barrel it feels like home to us!” said Blaylock.

Beginning June 2 – and in conjunction with the launch – all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® locations will distribute digital download cards, while supplies last.  Each card is redeemable for one free download of Edens Edge’s sassy new single, “Too Good to Be True.”  The song is a follow-up to their Top 20 hit, “Amen,” and exhibits the duality of Edens Edge’s musical influences and sound.

“The free digital download will give Cracker Barrel guests a great taste of the sound they’ll find on the upcoming Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition CD,” said Julie Craig, Cracker Barrel Marketing Manager.  “It’s a great way to enjoy a sample of what’s to come when their CD debuts in a few weeks. We hope our guests will like what they hear and then stop by to pick up the CD.”

“We are so thrilled fans will be able to get our new single ‘Too Good To Be True,’ on a free download card in stores before the album hits the shelves. And for those who aren’t as familiar with us, the song is a great sample of the ‘Edge’ side of Edens Edge. Fans can definitely expect to see a lot of versatility with that country roots sound to connect them all on the Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition CD,” said Berner.

 Tracks on Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition:
1.  Amen (Skip Black, Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Gerald O’Brien)
2.  Swingin’ Door (Terry Clayton, Brett James, Ashley Monroe)
3.  Skinny Dippin’ (Dean Berner, Laura Veltz, Vince Melamed)
4.  Too Good To Be True (Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey, Troy Verges)
5.  Last Supper (Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Danny Myrick)
6.  Feels So Real (Angelo, Hillary Lindsey, Tia Sillers)
7.  Who Am I Drinking Tonight (Hannah Blaylock, Laura Veltz)
8.  Liar (Andy Stochansky, Laura Veltz)
9.  Cherry Pie (Dean Berner, Vince Melamed, Laura Veltz)
10.  Christ Alone (Steve Smith)

11.  Roots(Cherrill Green, Catt Gravitt, Skip Black)
12.  Little Bird (Dean Berner)
13.  Wherever I Go (Hannah Blaylock, Joy Williams, Danny Myrick, Jennifer Schott)