David Nail’s pre-show warm-up on Adele’s “Someone Like You” inspired the Kennett, Missourian to create a video for the people asking how to experience his version. With response to the YouTube version ranging from Blair Garner airing the YouTube stream on his nationally syndicated all night radio show “After Midnight” to coverage on New York City’s pop powerhouse 92Q and now CMT adding the clip to their CMT Pure channel, it became obvious this was something music lovers wanted to hear.

On July 17, MCA Nashville will release 1979, a three song EP that includes “Someone Like You,” as well as “The Sound of a Million Dreams” and “Half Mile Hill,” a track from TSOAMD. Available for download at the iTunes store, this exclusive ep offers a more intimate view of the Grammy-nominated vocalist’s ability as a singer – and showcases the song that’s become one of the most buzzed about, but hard to find.

“It’s hard to believe the life that ‘Someone Like You’ has taken on,” Nail says. “It’s proof that people hunger for great songs – and they are open to different interpretations of songs they love. I started singing it because it’s a great song to warm up with, and people who heard it liked it… and then, I guess, they told other people, who told other people.

“We never did it for anything more than to share with the folks who were asking… And then it’s being played by Blair Garner, added at CMT and even talked about by a pop radio station in New York! With all that, and people continuing to ask, we met with the label and asked what they could do. 1979 was their response.”

Named for the year Nail was born, the EP is both stripped down and more live than what people have come to expect from traditional studio recordings. That vocal spark which has also earned Nail an Academy of Country Music Single of the Year nomination for his breakthrough “Red Light” and his first #1 with “Let It Rain” makes 1979 something special.

The Washington Post declared, “David Nail’s robust tenor is the most limber and soulful this side of Ronnie Dunn,” The Dallas Morning News offered, “His soaring tenor has a burnished quality that straddles earnest and passionate” and MSN.com opined, “This Missouri native’s voice is imbued with a lot of casual assurance, reminiscent of blue-eyed soul purveyors like Tony Joe White.”

“I think every singer hears songs that make you want to sing them,” he says of the left-field choice. “I got to the Adele album late, because I listen to so much sports talk radio… but the second I heard it, I was all about it. It was just one of those songs. And I love the idea that enough people want to hear it, that we’re able to put this EP out on iTunes, so anyone who wants to share these songs with me can.”