The 5th studio album from MCA recording Artist Josh Turner comes out of the gate swinging and it doesn’t stop.  Eleven tracks feature the classic deep voice that country listeners have fallen in love with.  Josh doesn’t hold back and lets you have it.  Tackling emotions, social issues, and his relationship with God, Turner doesn’t mix words and each song hits you between the eyes.  Punching Bag is a solid album top to bottom.

It’s no secret that love songs are one of Josh’s trademarks.  Six of the eleven songs cover the entire spectrum of love, from the first date to the wedding day.  “Good Problem” recalls that classic feeling of first falling in love, when you can’t eat or sleep.  All you do is think about the person in your life.  “Left Hand Man” is all about sliding that ring on your finger and celebrating the day that you become husband and wife.  “Find Me A Baby” is one of the funnier songs on the album as Josh wants to find a baby to make babies.  The track features his wife and kids singing.

Josh is outspoken about his faith and that comes across on this album.  “For The Love Of God” talks about wanting to please God and fall into his mercies, all for the love of God.  The track is a stark contrast to most of today’s country music themes. “I Was There”, one of the more powerful songs on the album, is the from the point of view of God hearing the prayers of people as they go through life.  Hearing soldiers cry in battle to the mom’s prayers for protection, the song is simple yet very strong.

Starting the album off right, the legendary voice of Michael Buffer introduces Josh as he is called to the ring.  The famous words “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!” kick off the album on the intro track.

Josh Turner’s classic country sound is just what this album is….pure country music.  “Cold Shoulder” and “Pallbearer” are the songs that make you say Josh Turner is country and there is no doubt about it.

Punching Bag arrives in stores on Tuesday, June 12 as well as digital media outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE Keep up with Josh by visiting his official website,

Album Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Official Music Reviewer