Country Newcomers Edens Edge released their debut self-titled album this week on June 12. The Big Machine Records trio, comprised of Hannah Blaylock, Cherrill Green and Dean Berner, co-write five of the ten songs on their album including their debut hit single “Amen”.   While Edens Edge are technically country newcomers, their album presents a seasoned sound, not only vocally but also musically.  Their vocals are strong, their harmonies are spot-on and the musical arrangements are polished.

Hannah, Cherrill & Dean kick off their debut album with hit song “Amen”.  It serves as a solid introduction as listeners immediately embrace the familiar tune.  The album is full of standout tracks including,  “Swingin’ Door” which is a catchy & sassy tune about a girl who puts her foot down when it comes to a guy who only comes around when its convenient.  The track is upbeat & fun, and will make a great addition to country radio.  “Too Good To Be True” serves as the trio’s second single from their debut album.  The upbeat song contains both grit and attitude, while maintaining a solid country sound. “Last Supper” is a powerful track where Hannah’s vocals soar to amazing heights.  It’s a compelling song full of emotion & vulnerability as a couple realizes their relationship is fragile and falling apart. “Who Am I Drinking Tonight” is another fun track with the first name mention of several country artists. “♫Are you a Kenny Tequila, Buffet Margarita, or an Alan Jackson Hurricane. Are you a good time, blast of moonshine, going George Strait to my brain….♫” The track is sure to be one that fans will enjoy singing along to when Edens Edge join Rascal Flatts on their Changed Tour this summer. “Cherry Pie” is another standout track on the album that was co-written by Dean Berner.  In our interview with Edens Edge, Dean revealed that the song was written about their band member Hannah and about being grateful to the people that help get you where you are.  The song contains a powerful message and their connection to the song is delivered beautifully on this track.

The album has a great mix of songs from start to finish. Hannah, Cherrill and Dean did a standout job on this album, and it is one that you will want to pick up for your music collection.  Cracker Barrell is also offering an exclusive Deluxe Edition of the debut album that includes three additional tracks.  The Edens Edge Deluxe Edition can be found in Cracker Barrel stores or online at

Edens Edge is available in stores now as well as digital music outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE.  The trio will also be on Rascal Flatts Changed Tour this summer.  To see if they are coming to an area near you, click HERE.  Keep up with Hannah, Cherrill and Dean by visiting their official website,