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Kenny Chesney hit the airwaves this week with new music! The song “Come Over” is from Kenny’s June 19th album release, Welcome to the Fishbowl, and it’s a song that Kenny says is really sexy, but it also speaks to how very hard it can be to let go of a relationship.

“‘Come Over’ is to me about two people that are as broken as their relationship is, where they realize deep down that their relationship has probably ran its course, but they aren’t really ready to emotionally or physically move on to somethin’ else. So what do they do? They keep goin’ back to each other because it’s familiar. And this song to me is more than just about comfortable sex. It’s about emotionally being wanted in a moment where it really feels impossible to let anybody else fill that void.”

 Kenny Chesney feels that his new single, “Come Over,” is a very sexy song.  “‘Come Over’ is just such an incredibly sexy lyric. It’s an incredibly sexy melody, and I think it will hit home with anyone that has felt that emotion of being caught in a web of trying to emotionally let go, but still holding onto somethin’ that was good about that relationship at the same time.”

Get your copy of the sexy new single, “Come Over”, by clicking HERE.

Of the upcoming summer tour, Chesney says that everyone is working very hard to make the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour an awesome experience for the fans.  “We’ve tried really hard to give the fans the best experience possible. I mean, I think the one thing that you have to remember — people ask me for advice all the time about touring, about sellin’ tickets, about just the music business, period, and the one thing that I’ve always tried to remember, you know, especially since we’ve been headlinin’ our own shows is that you’re not just competing with everybody in the music business — not just my genre, but everybody. You’re not just competing with music. You’re competing with movies, you’re competing with sports, you’re competing with everyday life, you’re competing…people have options. And now they have not as much money as they used to to spend on those options. And the idea of somebody investing their life enough to come see us play means everything to us. So, that’s why we spend a lot of hours laboring over what can we do to make this experience the best it can possibly be.”

Kenny is very excited about the incredible talent on the upcoming tour. “The fact that we got the people out there on the road that we have, you know, obviously with my friend Tim McGraw, who I’ve got a long history with, who people have been living with our songs for a while now, and to be able to balance those worlds and combine both worlds onto one stage is gonna be very special for everybody. And to have Grace come up there every night and, you know, pardon the pun, but she adds a lot of grace to the stage. And that’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch. You know, her band is unbelievable. I mean, just…it’s like a revival. And I’m very proud of Jake, too, because Jake has I think gotten himself into a spot where he has a chance to not just have some songs on the radio, but to make a real difference in people’s lives, you know, and he’s cuttin’ some songs now that can do just that. And I’ve been…you know, I’ve known Jake awhile now, and I think we were his first tour that he was ever on, and to see him go from where he was then to where he is now and what he’s gonna bring to the stage and to the tour, and…this element of fun, this element of just showmanship that he’s gotten a lot better at, it just adds…it just rounds the whole tour even better.”

For Kenny, a personal highlight of the upcoming ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour will be singing “You and Tequila” each night with Grace Potter. “To be able to sing ‘You and Tequila’ with her every night is special. It just is, you know? It was such a special moment in my career. I hesitate sayin’ the song because it was more than a song: it was a moment in my career. And it was so left of center, but still so centered because she’s such a universally accepted singer. I mean, she’s just that good. To have her out there on stage with me every night, singin’ that song is gonna be…is somethin’ that I’m lookin’ forward to the most out on the road this year.”

Following “Feel Like a Rock Star” — Kenny’s Top 10 duet with Tim McGraw — “Come Over” is the second single from Kenny’s new Welcome to the Fishbowl album. It’s out June 19th, but you can pre-order your copy online now at or at such favorite destinations as iTunes, right here.

Kenny is also among the first performers announced for the 2012 CMT Music Awards! Kenny’s up for a pair of CMT Awards this year, nominated with Grace Potter for Collaborative Video of the Year and overall Video of the Year, both for their smash, “You and Tequila.” Fan voting is underway now through the morning of June 4th at, with final nominees for Video of the Year to be announced and voted-on during the show. Catch all the excitement of the 2012 CMT Music Awards when the show airs June 6th, at 8pm, ET, on CMT and!

It’s mid-May, and in just a few weeks, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw‘s ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour will catch its first rays on June 2nd in Tampa, Florida, kicking-off a coast-to-coast stadium tour, playing more than 20 dates with special guests Grace Potter & The Nocturnals and Jake Owen. Check out tour dates and ticket info for the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour, by clicking here

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