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Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 13th, so we’re helping to celebrate moms and motherhood with these stories and memories from Kenny Chesney, Ronnie DunnSara Evans, Casey JamesMiranda LambertJerrod Niemann, and Chris Young.

Kenny Chesney credits his mom for his love of life.
“I think one of the most important lessons that I’ve from my mom is just, no matter what life throws at you, is just to take a step back and a deep breath and just still take life as it comes. She’s been through a lot in her life. And she’s handled it. And she’s come through it, I believe, with a lot of grace…and a lot of style. And I’ve learned a lot from that. She has taught me a lot directly and indirectly. And she’s a hard worker, but she loves life. And I thank God that I got my love of life from her.”

Ronnie Dunn is still learning from his mom.
“Well, my mother was, you know, she’s like a lot of Southern Baptist mothers, you know, I got a good helping of that, but more than anything, it was like she held the fort down. I went to 13 schools in 12 years, and there was some people here doing an A&E documentary years ago, and I had to call her to ask her to list the schools that I had gone to and the towns that we had lived in growing up. She’s always been that rock, you know? Most mothers are. Mothers are pretty important.”

Sara Evans says that her husband and family make her feel special year round.
“Jay is great about getting me gifts with the kids. It’s like, every time I travel, and if I’m gone for a couple of days, every single time I come home, he and the kids go get me flowers. And so there’s flowers, and Jay’s not mushy or anything like that, but what…he’s trying to make a statement to the children more so than even being sweet to me, but he’s trying to say to the children, ‘Mommy works very hard. We need to honor her, and we need to show her every time she comes home that we’ve missed her and that we’re so glad she’s back.’ So, he’s great about that. He’s great about teaching the kids those lessons, and he’s…I mean, he’s great to me, obviously, but he’ll do something awesome on Mother’s Day every time, like get me a necklace that has seven diamonds on it to represent each child, or…and they always bring me coffee and breakfast in bed, and we just do really exactly whatever I want to do, and usually that’s goin’ outside and playin’ sports of some kind.”

Sara Evans knows that she can always count on her mom.
“If I’m ever upset or I need anything, and if I call my mom, as soon as she says, ‘Hello,’ then tears just start flowing, you know, ’cause there’s something about my mom that she’s such a pillar of strength, and she’s a really hard worker. She’s really tall. My mother’s like five ten and a half, and I always have looked up to her, and — literally looked up to her — and she’s just really, really a rock, you know, and she has great advice. And she’s very much a homemaker. She’s an incredible cook. She’s an incredible worker. She’s a farmer. And so any advice as far as being a homemaker comes from her, ’cause she’s great. And I’m actually so blessed because I have an amazing mother, and I have an amazing mother-in-law and a great stepmom, so it’s like I have these three women in my life who are really beautiful, wonderful women.”

It was Casey James’ mom who encouraged him to try out for American Idol, and she was very proud and excited when he released his debut album in March.
“My mom is out-of-her-mind excited. I mean, she knows what it means to me, so then that makes it mean that much to her, as well.”

Miranda Lambert recalls the days when her mom was booking her shows.
“Mom and I — she was bookin’ me in bars — I was playin’ Texas, so my mom was like my booking agent. She was working with me, and she was kind of like my boss in a way, and I hated that (laughs) ’cause she was also my boss in life, ’cause she’s my mom. And so, that was a tough time, but we’re also one of those families where we can just get in a huge screamin’ match and five minutes later, ‘I love you,’ you know? We’re not one of those, like, stay-mad-for-a-long-time kind of people.”

Miranda Lambert talks about the importance of her mother and her family.
“My mom is a riot. She’s like, such a party animal — she loves to be on the road with me. She comes out probably like once a month. And my family is just great – they’re just, you know, they’re really cool. They get it, you know? They’re just like…they know when I need my space, but they also know when I need support. So it’s really great to have a family like that.”

Jerrod Niemann says that he has a great mom.
“Oh, my mama. (sighs) She’s one of a kind. She’s always just a free spirit. She’s so outgoing, always wanting to if there’s anybody that doesn’t have a family to go to on Thanksgiving or Christmas, she’s the first to invite them. My mom also can hang with the boys. You know, she’s not scared to pick her battles and go and throw down out on the town one night with everybody. And so basically, you know, both of my parents are just kind of like big kids. Real caring and loving people, and accepting, and that all starts with, I guess, with your mother, you know? As a kid, whenever you have someone like that in your life that teaches you to care about everything and everyone, you couldn’t ask for a better gift. So, I think Mother’s Day is obviously a time for our dads to quit bein’ cheapskates and maybe buy our moms some gifts, maybe take ‘em out to a movie and a dinner, ’cause every mama needs a good dinner and a movie.”

Chris Young realizes the sacrifices that his mom made in raising him.
“It’s a really big time of year for everybody. Even if it’s just to get to spend a little time with your mom. You know, it’s not necessarily all about, you know, getting her a gift, it’s about just saying, ‘Thank you.’ I mean, they really do shape so much of your life. Your parents do. And your mom’s always a big person. Especially for me. She raised us for a little while, me and my sister, basically by herself. Before my stepdad, who I call my dad, came in the picture, it was just her. And we…I never, as a kid, wanted for anything. And that was how my mom looked at everything. And that’s how a lot of moms do, and I think that’s why we have a Mother’s Day. Just some of the stuff they do, that they give up for their children, really to make sure you have a great life and a great experience as a child. It’s pretty amazing how much of their personal time they give up, and go, you know, ‘This isn’t for me, this is for my kid.’”