Photo Credit Danny Clinch

When Kenny Chesney decided to record “Feel Like a Rock Star” — his smash duet with Tim McGraw — the song had already connected with Kenny on several levels. He knew it had terrific energy and would sound great in concert, but it also hit home because he says that the song fits right into a mantra that Kenny shares with a lot of his fans: a belief in working hard, but playing just a little a bit more.

Kenny Chesney says that “Feel Like a Rock Star” is a great reflection of the “work hard, play harder” philosophy he shares with a lot of his fans. “I think it describes my fan base to a ‘T’ because we have always — my road family — we have always worked very hard, but we’ve always lived by the theory of we work really hard and play harder. And it seemed to work for us. But I think that defines a lot of the people that have spent a lot of summers with us out there on the road. And the first time I heard ‘Feel Like a Rock Star,’ I knew I was gonna record it because it just defined everything that we’re about out there on the road.”

Kenny Chesney loves the in-concert energy that “Feel Like a Rock Star” captures. “One thing that it really defined, more than anything, when…and even before we had Tim on it, just the track, that day in the studio, it defined the energy that I love more than anything when me and the band go out there and we hit the stage with a purpose. This song defines all of it.”

Of performing in concert, Chesney says “We see a lot of people out there that are just lettin’ loose, havin’ fun, and ‘Feel Like a Rock Star’ describes them, but it also describes a thing that has turned into less of a show and more of an event — and that’s our world out there.”

Chesney says that everyone has their own ways of feeling “like a rock star.” “‘Feel Like a Rock Star” is completely non-judgmental ’cause everybody does things different. I mean, everybody has their way of living like a rock star or stepping outside of themselves to do whatever it is that makes them happy on a Friday and Saturday night. And it can be a wide range of things (laughs), and trust me, we see that from the stage, you know — it’s an eclectic bunch we have out there, and they do eclectic things to have fun, and that’s what makes our show very unpredictable every night from our point of view.”

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