Kellie Pickler has long been a big supporter of our armed forces, with overseas visits and performances for our troops — and the sentiments she shared last Memorial Day are every bit as true today.

Of the holiday weekend Pickler says, “I know Memorial Day weekend is such a special time to celebrate with your friends and your family and veterans and people that are still serving in the military. And it’s really just about celebrating our freedom and celebrating how we got freedom. It didn’t come free, that’s for sure.”

Kellie has seen the dedication of our armed forces, and she explains why she feels that Memorial Day weekend is such a special time. “I’ve been so blessed to work a lot with the USO and travel overseas to Afghanistan and Iraq and Kosovo and all kinds of other military bases and places, but I’ve been able to go over there and see firsthand just exactly what they’re doin’. And man, I…it takes a very special person to sacrifice everything. And when I say ‘everything,’ I don’t mean just their time – I mean their life. Everything! Their family, their kids, their loved ones. You sacrifice every thing to put your life on the line for us, and it’s such a great, great, honorable, heroic thing. And so this weekend’s very special, and we just have to raise our glass to them and keep ‘em all in our prayers and always say ‘thank you.’”

Kellie Pickler says that a “thank you” to our servicemen and women goes a long way. “Anytime I see someone in the airport or at the grocery store or anywhere and they’re in uniform, it really means a lot just to go up and say ‘thank you.’ I get asked all the time, ‘Well, you know, I don’t know how to…you know, I can’t go to Afghanistan, and I don’t…what can I do?’ And it’s small things like saying ‘thank you’ that make the biggest difference because it shows appreciation, and it shows that you respect what they’re doin’. Regardless if you agree or disagree with what’s goin’ on, it’s wrong to not say ‘thank you’ and give ‘em a hug and let ‘em know that you appreciate what they’re doin’.”

And Kellie is about to head out for another trip to support our troops! The lovely Ms. Pickler tweeted this week about “Having a closet cleaning party and packing for my 5th USO tour overseas.” Way to go, Kellie!

Look for Kellie as part of a Memorial Day weekend salute to the military on GAC’s new series, Noteworthy at the Opry. Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry, and Ronnie Milsap are among the other artists scheduled to appear in the special 90-minute episode premiering Saturday at 9pm, ET, with additional airtimes on

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