Country music star and award winning TV host Craig Morgan is ecstatic about releasing his second single from This Ole Boy.  “Corn Star,“ written by Shane Minor and Jeffrey Steele, is a rockin’ up-tempo smash that is sure to become a summer anthem.  The tongue-in-cheek tune colorfully describes the town’s hottest catch “…with a bag of seed on her suntan shoulder, cut off jeans and a tight tank top with a big red mower on it…She’s a CORN STAR.”  Fans are all ears for the song, as it has quickly become a live show favorite!

“Corn Star” is the follow up to Morgan’s Top 15 hit and title track “This Ole Boy.”  The New York Times describes the song as one that ‘prizes a certain kind of woman, not the kind you’d meet at the corner of Hollywood and Vine’ while 4 A Song shares it’s about a ‘TRUE country girl who hauls her own seed, drives her own tractor and takes the ribbons at the  county fair.’

The new album, his first new music in three years and debut release on Black River Entertainment, is co-produced with his longtime creative partner Phil O’Donnell.  Morgan co-wrote 6 of the 12 songs on the new record.

News of the latest single comes on the heels of announcing the season 3 premiere of Craig Morgan’s award-winning TV show “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors.” Starting July 1, 2012, viewers can catch Craig every Sunday night at 11pm (EST) on the Outdoor Channel. Check local listings or log on to to find out how to get the network in your area.