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Thomas Rhett’s debut single, “Somethin’ to Do with My Hands” is climbing the charts while he works on his debut album for release later this year. Besides picking great songs to record, he says it’s important to get the songs in the right order, too.

“You know obviously I want to be able to sequence these songs in a way to where, you know I don’t want to make a record that some- body’s listening to and they like the first song and they like the third song and they like the tenth song. I want ’em to be able to put it in their CD player on a road trip and be able to listen all the way down and not get bored.”

As for what fans can expect when they listen to the album, Thomas says, “I think it’s gonna tell a story about who I am. There are some songs I put on there cause they feel good and they go over well live, but there’s also a lot of songs on there that really tell you who I am and where I come from and where I’m at personally, where I’m at spiritually, you know, where I’m at with just life in general. So I think when you listen to this record you’ll get a very good idea of the kind of person I am.”

Thomas Rhett’s debut album will be released this fall.

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  1. I really hope he puts the song “from where im standing” on it and keeps it accoustic sounding personally it’s his best song you can catch it on youtube give it a listen!!

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