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Justin Moore’s latest single, “Til My Last Day” is definitely different for the guy who’s had hits in the past with songs like “Small Town USA” and “Backwoods.”

“It’s the first love song we’ve ever put out,” says Justin, and he credits his wife Kate for convincing him to release it. “It’s my wife’s favorite song,” he says. “She goes, ‘Why don’t you put this out?’ Cause we were talking about the single, and I go, ‘You think?’ and she goes, ‘Yeah!’.”

Justin explains that Kate chose “Small Town USA” and “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” his two #1 songs, to be singles and he says, “She has NOTHING to do with the industry, has no idea what she’s talking about, and I thought she’s got a pretty good track record. Let’s go with those. And so hopefully it does good for us. I’m excited to see what it does.”

“Til My Last Day” can be found on Moore’s latest album Outlaws Like Me, available in stores as well as digital media outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE.

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