Jerrod Niemann is working toward the release of a new album later this year, and with the first single, “Shinin’ on Me,” on the radio now, Jerrod says he can’t wait to share the rest of the music with everyone.

Of his forthcoming album Niemann says, “The new album is comin’ along great. It’s extremely exciting. We’ve kind of taken the same recipe. It’s a little more organized than just organized chaos. We worked really, really hard challenging ourselves musically and just also on the entertaining factor.

Also, you realize when you put out an album, as time goes on, by the people that are kind enough to support your music and show up at the shows, you kind of see what works for ya, you know, and maybe what direction you feel like musically you need to go. And so, for me, I’ve just really been concentrating on what the fans care to hear, because in my opinion, country music fans do know everything, and that’s why they’re the best. So, this next album, I’m very excited. We have put so much work into it and passion, and I’m just thrilled to see what everybody else thinks.”

You can get your copy of Jerrod’s new single, “Shinin’ on Me,” at your favorite online music store, including iTunes by clicking HERE.

Look for Jerrod on tour now with Miranda Lambert! For complete dates, check out the tour page of!