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Thompson Square has been growing leaps & bounds over the past year starting with their debut hit single “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”.  Since then the husband & wife duo has reached several milestones and accomplishments, and we got the chance to catch up with Shawna & Keifer. With their debut hit single reaching #1 and multiple award nominations, including two recent GRAMMY Award Nominations, and now an ACM Award Nomination, Shawna best describes the past year as “Very Surreal”

To be nominated for a Grammy Award is a huge accomplishment to have in your career.  Keifer tells us, “You dream about it, you just never think its going to happen. When we got the call, it really set us back, we were kinda dumbfounded about the whole thing, but also as happy as you can be since we’ll always be  Grammy Nominated Artists for the rest of our lives.”

Keifer & Shawna are also nominated for an ACM Award for Duo of the Year, which Keifer indicates, “The ACM’s is a huge deal for any artist.  But for us, the duo category means the most to us. Being nominated is really special.” At the time of our conversation earlier this week, Shawna had not yet picked out her dress for the ACM Awards. However, they do have a couple of days off while in LA and she is going to try to get her ACM Awards outfit figured out then.  She will no doubt look stunning on the red carpet.

Thompson Square just recently released the third single from their debut album, “Glass”. When asked why they chose this song as their next single for country radio, it was an easy answer for Keifer as he spoke about his wife. “It was time to really introduce Shawna’s vocals, that has a lot to do with it, outside of the song being a beautiful song. The first single was basically me and the second single featured Shawna half way through it. In a duo we have two lead singers in this band and we’ll be switching out voices throughout our career and we want to establish that now, the sooner the better.  It’s a beautiful song and needed to be a single.” 

Shawna & Keifer have been enjoying their time on Lady Antebellum’s My Kinda Party Tour.   “It’s been amazing, we couldn’t ask for a better tour” Shawna says. “Lady A has been very sweet to us.  Hillary & I have been doing mani/pedis together and hanging out.”  Keifter adds, “We’re having a ton of fun out here with these guys.”  While there haven’t been any pranks yet on the Own The Night Tour, the duo is keeping their eyes peeled.   I’m sure something will come up before the last show”, Shawna says. “We’re trying to come up with something, just in case.”

Keifer and Shawna have partnered up with ChildFund International and actively participate in this organization. “ChildFund is an organization that helps get children sponsored overseas.  These kids are so poor, its unbelievable.  They approached us about being the voice and the face for this company.  It’s really a great organization” Keifer explains. “We partnered up with them and sponsored a child recently and will probably be getting ready to [sponsor] another one.  Keifer continues, “At every concert we show a brief movie before our set starts.  We’ve got a lot of kids signed up, it’s really cool, you are literally saving someone’s life. 20,000 kids a day die from malnutrition and everything else. “I encourage everyone to at least go to and and check it out.   We spend $1 a day in America on the stupidest crap and that’s the difference between someone living or dying.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Looking forward, Thompson Square is already working on their sophomore album and is really excited about it.  Shawna says, “We have been writing for the next album. We’re working on doing some demos now, trying to figure out what songs are going to be on it and hopefully in April we will be in the studio.”  Keifer adds, “I think we know exactly what we want to do on this next record based on what we’ve learned in the past year or two.  We’ve been focused on writing for this record and getting with some great songwriters. I think the pressure is more. The sophomore album is usually the one that could be the kiss of death.  What we have lined up right now for this album is a lot better than the first one. That’s our goal, to make better records every single time, and grow, and mature, and give your audience what they want.  I’m really excited to get this out, it’s going to be great.”  

Be sure to tune in to the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards airing Live on Sunday, April 1 on CBS at 8pm ET/delayed PT, and catch Thompson Square in the Vocal Duo of the Year Category.  Also be sure to keep requesting their new single “Glass” at your favorite country radio station.  If you haven’t picked up their debut album, be sure to grab a copy at your favorite retail store or on iTunes by clicking HERE.  

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