Photo Credit: Nino Munoz/ FOX

Casey James has logged plenty of hours on the road over the years, and it’s only getting busier as the excitement ramps-up for the March 20th release of Casey’s debut album! But traveling a lot can make it hard to maintain a healthy diet, and Casey says it’s a tough balance.

Casey talks about the challenge of a healthy diet when you’re on the road. “I mean, it’s just hard. You’re out there on the road, and you gotta stop and eat, so, I mean, what are you gonna do? Sometimes there’s not a lot to choose from, so a lot of times you’re eating really (laughs) horrible food that…just out there on the road. And then, you come home, and really you don’t have any time to go to the grocery store, and even if you do, you don’t want to go to the grocery store because you’re gonna be back out on the road for another three weeks, and it’s all gonna go bad. So then you go out to eat, and it’s just…it is very difficult to keep a good, healthy diet, really.”

Be sure to pick up Casey’s album, with the easy-to-remember title, Casey James, when it hits your favorite music seller on March 20th! The album includes the very cool first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” which you can find online now, including HERE, on iTunes!

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