Taylor Swift has two songs on the upcoming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. In the books and the movie, the characters develop skills that help them do battle in The Hunger Games, and during a recent Q&A session on MTV, a fan asked Taylor what skill she would possess if she were in The Hunger Games.

Taylor admitted she had actually given that some thought because she says, “reading the books you’re so sucked into it that as you go about living your life you sit there and you’re like, Could I climb that tree? Could I make a weapon out of this? Like, if I had to forage for food what would I do?” But being totally honest, Taylor said, “I think I would just be the person who runs and hides, honestly. … you know how you have fight, flight or freeze, those are your three reactions to something scary, like I just freeze. So I would try to run and hide somewhere…”

The Hunger Games Soundtrack will be released March 21st and the movie will be in theaters on March 23rd.  For a complete track listing of The Hunger Games Soundtrack, featuring Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies & more, please click HERE.