Justin Moore wrote the title track for a new CD that was just released called This Is NRA Country, Volume 1. The CD is meant to promote the This Is NRA Country Initiative, which features country stars like Justin helping to promote the NRA and what it stands for.

Justin admits, “Growing up in Arkansas, even I didn’t know what all [the NRA] did beyond wave the flag for the Second Amendment. And through this campaign, NRA Country … I learned a lot. They do so many things.” Justin especially enjoys being involved in the charity aspect of the NRA, helping organizations like The Wounded Warrior Project. Ultimately Justin says, “I’m just trying to spread the gospel about what all they do that’s so great but my views on it is that I believe in the Constitution. It’s pretty simple, I mean, I believe that the values that this country’s based on aren’t broken and so I’m happy to be helping spread that message.”

This is NRA Country, Volume I is available now exclusively through NRA Country.  To purchase your copy, please click HERE.

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