Eric Church has reached a level as an artist where tickets to his shows are a high commodity, not only to fans but unfortunately also to scaplers.  Church speaks out to Billboard about tickets scalpers that are taking tickets away from his fans to sell at an inflated price. “Scalpers piss me off,” Church says. “I’ve never encountered this in my life, we’ve never been at this level, and, quite frankly, we were unprepared.”

Church goes on, “We tried to make our tickets very accessible to fans, we kept the ticket prices low,” he tells “What we didn’t count on was all these big ticket brokers would join our fan club, infiltrate our system, take advantage of our system, and buy up all these tickets. Now, at a lot of these buildings that are selling out, there’s 500-600 tickets left to sell, and we don’t have any of ’em. Ticket brokers are [asking] $200 $300 $400 a ticket. It penalizes the fans; that was gonna be their pit ticket, their front row ticket.”

Church & his tour manager, Fielding Logan, elaborated deeply on this issue and they are trying to streamline this issue so that it is in the fans best interests.   To read the entire article (which is HIGHLY RECOMMENED), please click HERE.

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