Photo Credit Josepha Cheong

Ronnie Dunn’s roaring vocal performance of the Brooks & Dunn classic “Ain’t Nothin’ ‘Bout You” was interrupted Saturday night at the Franklin Theatre benefit concert when the venue’s fire alarms began to sound much to the audience’s dismay, but judging from the crowd’s motionless reaction, it didn’t make a difference – they weren’t going anywhere.

The sold-out theatre was filled with Ronnie Dunn fans, new and old, with one goal in mind: to see the country legend’s solo show from start to finish. It was after he performed a few originals from his debut self-titled album release including his hot new single “Let The Cowboy Rock,” (which hits country radio on Jan. 16), when Dunn’s smoke machine triggered the alarm and stifled the theatre’s speakers.

Dunn and his band finished the song, but after taking note of what had happened, calmly succumbed to the warning and left the stage. However, the music-hungry crowd didn’t move an inch proving Dunn’s music was well worth the risk!

A few moments later, the fire department showed up and completed a walk-through, soon deeming the concert safe to resume.

A thundering applause welcomed Dunn back on stage to pick the show back up where he left off. He performed a variety of new tunes from his debut solo album, Ronnie Dunn, sprinkled with old-school hits, “Neon Moon,” “My Maria,” “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” and more; and the crowd-pleasing affair was concluded by a serene, harp-infused encore performance of “I Believe.”

Fans can stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement on the video debut for Ronnie’s new single, “Let The Cowboy Rock,” from his current album, Ronnie Dunn, in stores now.

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