Rascal Flatts just kicked off their Thaw Out Tour last week and they’re excited because it’s only the beginning of what they have in store for their fans in 2012. They’ll release a new album in April, which Gary says, “We are so thrilled and excited about and feel like it’s some of the best work that we’ve ever been able to accomplish together. And it’s just so fresh and exciting and everything is new and we really, truly feel like we’re just getting start ed again.”

They’ve also begun putting together their summer tour, but the details are under wraps. “I wish we could tell you about it but we can’t,” teases Gary. “But it’s gonna be, I don’t know if it’s ever been done before in country music before but it is gonna be a spectacular summer tour.”

Rascal Flatts brand new single, “Banjo,” off their forthcoming album, is impacting radio now.

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