Miranda Lambert offers one of the most heartfelt recordings of her career with her new song, “Over You.” Written with husband Blake Shelton, “Over You” is about Blake’s feelings following the tragic death of his brother Richie in 1990. Miranda talks about “Over You” and shares some of what the song means to her. 

“I’ve never written a song or even sang a song about a death, really. I don’t know. Just never one has hit me that way, maybe because I haven’t had a real hard personal experience with someone close to me passin’ away. But now that I’m married to Blake, and I’m so close to him and his family. His brother passed away when Blake was 14 in a car accident, and his brother was 24. His name was Richie. And over time, he’s sort of opened up to me a few times and actually told me the story one day of exactly what had happened. And you know, bein’ that close to him now almost feels like it happened to me, and I wasn’t even there.”

“Over You” is the newest single from Miranda’s widely acclaimed Four the Record album, which also includes her recent hit, “Baggage Claim.”

Look for Miranda in concert as she kicks-off her new “On Fire” Tour, with guests Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann, beginning January 12th. Check out MirandaLambert.com for dates and info!