Multi-talented musician, writer, producer and performer Hunter Hayes will make his Good Morning America debut Monday, January 23rd performing his hit single “Storm Warning” from his self-titled Atlantic Records album. Hunter will host WKMK’s morning show on January 25th before his performance at the New York’s Highline Ballroom that evening. This is a headline date between dates on Rascal Flatts “Thaw Out 2012” tour, which kicked off on January 12th.

Beginning Monday, January 23rd, Hunter launches a unique way for fans to interact with his hit single, “Storm Warning” on his website called the “MixBoard Experience”. Fans can use the virtual mixboard to create their own audio and video versions of “Storm Warning”, much like how Hunter, who plays every instrument on his album, would. The mixer features five different videos that comprise parts of the song including: drums, bass, vocal, acoustic, and utility. With each of the five videos, fans can experiment with volume levels, muting various sections of the song, solos, and more to create their own custom mix. Visit the “MixBoard Experience” at starting Monday, January 23rd.

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