Tim McGraw’s highly anticipated new album, Emotional Traffic, is finally hitting the shelves on Tuesday, January 24th.  McGraw once again steps up to the musical plate and scores BIG with this new album.  Emotional Traffic houses 12 strong tracks including “Felt Good On My Lips” and new single “Better Than I Used To Be”.  McGraw coins this as “my best album ever” and once you take a listen, you will hear just what he is talking about.

Emotional Traffic is full of strength, soul and passion.  The album has a strong beginning kicking things off with haunting ballad “Halo”.  Right from the start Tim’s vocals are captivating on this track as he sings about a depressing love that just can’t be held together any longer. “Right Back Atcha Babe” is a fun upbeat tune with a soul-filled sound and catchy chorus.  “I Will Not Fall Down” is another standout track that was co-written by Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Brett Warren & Brad Warren. McGraw’s delivery of this song is brilliant as his passion radiates from start to finish.  Current single at country radio, “Better Than I Used To Be”, is a song that longtime McGraw fans will connect to as it is holds his traditional sound that we have grown accustomed to over the years.  “Touchdown Jesus” is sure to make an impact.  The message is strong in this song as Tim sings about miracles such as an alcoholic who quit drinking, a single mom at her child’s graduation, a little girl who was ill as a child and is now 21, all symbolizing “touchdowns”.  Hopefully this song will be included in McGraw’s set list this summer on the Brothers of the Sun Tour, as the setting will be perfect in football stadiums across the US.  

“Felt Good On My Lips” has been a fan favorite since its release and has since reached digital Gold status with over 500,000 copies downloaded. “Only Human” features Hip-Hop/R&B artist Ne-Yo.  Both voices blend together perfectly on this song making it a track that could potentially be a crossover hit. “Die By My Own Hand” concludes Emotional Traffic and is one that will resonate with fans long after the song is over.   This is another track that will hopefully be on McGraw’s set list, as the power and passion delivered in the studio on this track is sure to be reflected & quite possibly magnified in a live performance.   

Emotional Traffic is a collection of upcoming hits, it’s no wonder McGraw feels as this is his best album ever.  It is evident that there is no plateau in sight for McGraw, his talents continue to grow and transcend with each project.    

Be sure to pick up your copy of Emotional Traffic on Tuesday, January 24th at your favorite retail store.  Keep up to date with Tim by visiting his official website www.TimMcGraw.com.