Chris Young Is Fired Up To Hit The Road On Miranda Lambert’s “On Fire” Tour

With his smash single, “You,” all over the airwaves, Chris Young is ready to take “You” on the road this week as he and Jerrod Niemann join Miranda Lambert for her “On Fire” Tour, beginning Thursday! Chris says he’s really thrilled that Miranda invited him on tour — and since he already has great relationships with Miranda and Jerrod, Chris knows right now that this is going to be a really fun experience, for him and the fans. 

Chris Young says that hitting the road with Jerrod Niemann and Miranda Lambert on her “On Fire” Tour is like the best of all worlds. “This is almost kind of like a dream tour for me. I love Miranda, I love her crew — they all know my guys ’cause we’ve done some shows with them before. Obviously, we know all Jerrod’s guys, so, bein’ part of the ‘On Fire’ Tour is somethin’ I’m really, really geared-up for.” 

Young feels incredible to have been invited to be part of Miranda Lambert’s “On Fire” Tour.  “It’s an amazing feeling, especially with her. I’ve got a good relationship — this year especially, I ended up hangin’ out with her and Blake [Shelton] a lot on the road and love…love both of them as people and as artists. So, the fact that, you know, she asked me and my band to go out with her and be a part of that tour is big, and it’s somethin’ I’m overwhelmingly looking forward to. It’s gonna be a blast” says Chris Young.

As announced yesterday, Chris will be making his debut appearance on the syndicated Ellen DeGeneres Show to sing his latest hit, “You”! Be sure to catch the episode when it airs on January 17th! Check your local listings, or find the time in your area on the show website at!

“You” is the newest hit from Chris’ NEON album, which also includes the number-one favorite, “Tomorrow.”  NEON is available in stores as well as on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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