Christmas is right around the corner and country artists are sharing their holiday memories with their fans! Fresh new trio, The Farm, is sharing their fondest memories of the holiday season.

Nick Hoffman
Some of my favorite holiday memories are playing music around the piano at my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day after everyone has opened presents and gotten fat off of my Grandma’s cooking.  When I was younger, I would need a little prodding to get my fiddle out, but once it was out, I wouldn’t put it away!  My Grandma would sit at the piano, my Grandpa would play stand-up bass, and we would play old Scandinavian tunes and Christmas songs for hours. When I was younger, I didn’t realize how special those moments were, but I definitely cherish those memories now.

Damien Horne
Some of my best memories as a child around the Christmas Holiday was singing in church! We would put together Christmas plays and friends and families would be there as we recreated the birth story of Jesus! I remember playing various parts like a star, a goad and even a wise man. I would have to say my favorite was playing the goat! We would drink eggnog after church and my family would all be together. Great times.

Krista Marie
As the holiday quickly approaches, each year at this time, I find my heart a little melancholy. It reminds me of my father, how much I miss him and how wonderful he and my mother always made Christmas. I miss the sound of his accordion and the smell of our family-owned meat market smoking Christmas hams. I was eight-years old, give or take, and Dad decided we’d go out back on our land and I could pick out our tree. He patiently cruised for well over an hour until I had found the perfect one. To this day, I still pick out my own tree and smile, knowing dad is with me.

Earlier this week, The Farm performed on GAC’s “Christmas in the Black Hills” Holiday Special. If you missed their amazing performance of “O Holy Night”, be sure to watch the video below.  It’s a must see!

Stuff your virtual stockings with The Farm’s hit debut single “Home Sweet Home” available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.  Keep up with Nick, Krista & Damien by following them on Twitter: @TheFarmMusic and their official website