The Band Perry call Greenville, Tennessee home, and no matter where their career takes them throughout the year, every Christmas morning you will find them in Greenville at a quaint restaurant enjoying their traditional Christmas brunch.

Neil Perry explains, “It seems like everybody from town comes out to eat. And everyone just has a great time. It’s like a big family reunion in our town. And I’ll never forget the first year we went there, we were sitting in the library room and it starts snowing right outside the window. It was just like from a movie. It was amazing.” So Kimberly says to this day they make sure they’re home for Christmas and, “We always load up our parents and our grandmother and we always sit at the same table every year and just make a morning of it.”

The Band Perry will be back out on the road starting in January.  To see if they are coming to an area near you, please visit their official website