When Gary, Joe Don and Jay look back on 2011 they will remember it as a year of a lot of change and big accomplishments for Rascal Flatts. Jay says, “It was a really big year for us professionally and emotionally. We started off the year with our own network special, which was thrilling, and there are very few acts that can say they’ve had their own television network special. We had a video with Justin Bieber, a song, a duet with him. So a lot of things that were milestones in our career – members of the Grand Ole Opry and other things that affected us professionally, too.”  There were some emotional highs and lows, but overall Jay says, “It’ll be one of my favorite years to look back and remember because so many of the goals that we had set for ourselves years ago had finally come true.”

2012 will be a big year for Rascal Flatts with a new album coming out and a summer tour that will be announced in the coming months. The band kicks off their Thaw Out 2012 trek in January.