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Carhartt is one of America’s well-known durable work-brand clothing that has been around for over a century.  Zac Brown Band teamed up with Carhartt earlier this year in efforts to recognize all the hard working men & woman and their labor, and efforts they put forth. 

Carhartt, like country music and like the most amazing fans in the world… country music fans has a story to tell. A shared story. A timeless story. An accessible story and a story that is more relevant than ever: a true story. REAL apparel for REAL people who do REAL work. We want to hear your story! CountryMusicRocks has teamed up with Carhartt and we have a great Carhartt Prize Pack to give away. We know that so many of you work so hard day after day and some have to brave the cold elements we face during this time of year. We also know many of you play even harder and the cold doesn’t stop you. CountryMusicRocks wants to hear all about it. Submit a short story telling us about your hard work or about how you play hard and include a photo. Please note, photos do not need to be you in carhartt gear. Send your photo & story to our contest email address: countrymusicfansrock@gmail.com. We will randomly choose a winner after contest closes on December 18th.

With the holidays just around the corner, Carhartt apparel makes a great gift for that special someone.  Give the gift of durability & quality, give a gift of Carhartt.  Visit their official website www.Carhartt.com.

***NOTE: Photos & Stories may be used for future use, promotion and/or publication by CountryMusicRocks and Carhartt & its affiliates.  By entering this contesting, you are releasing your consent for your story/photo to be shared.

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  1. My Carhartt Story

    Some people pay way too much attention to me when they describe me as the guy who always wears Carhartt pants. “Not always” I reply, but for sure most of the time they are correct. I wear my Carhartt clothes a lot, mainly because they are durable and grow with me. What do I mean by grow with me. LOL, when I first get them as new clothes, they can go anywhere with me. They are sharp looking, durable, colorful and functional. I have Carhartt pocketed T-shirts, polo shirts, jacket, pants and I think socks somewhere. I can wear my Carhartt pants everywhere and probably have done so. From going to religious functions, concerts, clubbing, fairs, and jobs in photography gigs to warehouse and landscaping jobs, they go with me. When they are new, they go everywhere, and as wear and tear dictates, they go mainly to the more outdoor and industrial places where the clean and pressed look is not a requirement. They are tough enough to go thru the rocks and brush of Eastern Oregon hunting and fishing, but comfortable and look nice enough to head to the concert venues, then dinner and dancing at Duke’s Country Bar & Grill as well. I love the pockets on my pants, as I tend to need easily accessible pockets to put business cards in, battery packs, concert tickets and or permanent markers for autograph possible. The side leg pockets on my double front dungarees foot the bill for me quite nicely in those areas as well as my other work projects where I need a place for my hammer, nails, ect as I build some new prop or building for my many projects.
    Every year Fred Meyers has a Carhartt sale where you buy a pair of pants and you get something Carhartt free, so I save up for that spring sale each year to restock on Carhartt. I usually get 4 pairs of pants (black, blue, grey and tan colors) and the accompanying free items. Best prices in town at that time as well. And I shop around to make sure of the prices, from The Carhartt Store, Coastal Farm & Ranch to Fred Meyers.
    So I would say me and Carhartt have some history and a long future ahead of us. That’s my Carhartt story.

    (Pictured here in a black Carhartt Jacket, black Pants and a red pull over polo style shirt.)

    1. Could not find any pictures of me that clearly showed me in my Carhartt’s. Most of my pics seem to be waist up. Thus why it took me so long to enter this contest. 🙂 Had to get a couple pix taken.

  2. Well Hell sign me up.
    There was a time I could do just about anything. I worked hard when I did work. Unfortunately, now due to several auto accidents (not my fault!) I have back and neck injuries that prohibit me from doing too much. I do put my whole heart and soul into something I am working on.
    I completed college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I worked on lawnmowers, cars, motorcycles and boats. I have a very green thumb and I can cook up a storm in the kitchen. I have waited tables, tended barshort order cooked and maintained the salad bar. I cleaned classrooms after school. I manged Arts and Crafts in the village park. You name it I have tried it. I even helped build a recording studio.
    I think I deserve a prize pack for Christmas. A prize from a rugged hard working company to represent how hard i work at all I do.

    Hello from sunny Buffalo,


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