Hi all!   This is the first official article for CMR’s Threads and Trends.  Because this is my first segment, I am allowed to use a disclaimer…. I am not an author people; I just love fashion and believe that I know better than some of the lovely ladies of country music! 😉  So, without further adieu, here are my “thoughts” on the American Country Awards, which aired on December 5th.

The co-host of the night was pint-size cutie, Kristin Chenoweth.  She started out country casual in some jeggings, gold lace-up boots and an oversized satin boxer robe…. when I realized it was part of her opening jokes as I breathed a sigh of relief.  Little did I know that it would go from a little tacky to OMG what are you thinking lady!!!  Her one redeeming get-up was a gold sequined baggy blouse and black pants. Loved!  Sorry Miss K.  You are adorable in your own right but your Glam Team needs to be fired – Stat! As in last year! Would have loved to have seen Kristin in something like this.  It’s a sassy little number that would have been perfect for her. Check out this dress & amazing price HERE.

Because I am a glass-half full type of girl and save the best for last, I’m going to quickly summarize the rest of my oh-no-you-didn’t individuals of the night:  Pistol Annies– I can’t express enough how beautiful and talented I think these girls are, but the wardrobe choices for their performance left so much to be desired, you can be edgy and sexy without taking it too far.  There was an abundance of fringe, fringe, fishnets, unflattering corsets- did I mention fringe?  Ang- darling, please do not ever put your feet in a pair of silver platform booties (black tights included) again. Ever! 

Shawna Thompson– Thompson Square is probably my favorite new band of 2011.  Shawna is without a doubt a beautiful girl which is why I don’t understand why they keep putting her in these Goth meets Glam black dresses at the last 3 award shows she’s been on.  While I am glad to see the platinum streak of hair is now a flattering raven hue, her dress just left a lot to be desired (sorry girl, it was too High School Snowball for me).  Would love to see her in jewel tones and softer lines, such as THIS or THIS.

Onto my fav’s!  My girl Carrie Underwood as usual gets the Best Dressed Award of the night.  Her nude flounced, strapless cocktail number was a Maria Lucia Hohan dress, absolutely a-ma-zing and paired with a wide diamond cuff and diamond drop earrings.  But it was her shoes that truly won me over; she was sporting a pair of Solstice heels from designer Ryan Haber.  The 5-inch heels feature a skirt ankle strap with purple detail, purple counter and Swarovski Crystals on vamp strap. To see a similar look for less, click here.

Miranda Lambert is a bit of a wild card.  Either I love her choices or they’re a total bust.  Her black full-length gown was studded with gold beads and grommets and had a plunging to the waist neckline.  While this wouldn’t be my first choice for my favorite songbird, I thought she looked fantastic! 

Jordan Sparks sparkled, literally (get it! Lol! Ugh, I know-I know!).  Anywho, the former American Idol winner rocked a grey sequined dress, which was as a shiny as her cute personality. Loved her ;). 

A little side note, while she is not an artist, Jason Aldean’s cutie-pie wife, Jessica, had on a gold hombre sequined dress, LOVED LOVED LOVED.  Check Express for a similar alternative by clicking HERE

Last but not least, Lil’ Miss Lauren Alaina who has shed off about 25 pounds looked svelte and sleek in her rose and black strapless chiffon dress.  I appreciated that she stayed age appropriate but stylish and trendy at the same time. 


Article Provide By: CMR’s Official Fashion Contributer ~ Sharon E!