Casey James is very much looking forward to spending time with his family this Christmas. It’s been a challenging year with the loss of his maternal grandfather, Bill James, who passed away this past May, so being together with loved ones feels all the more important this year.

Of the upcoming holiday, Casey says “I’ve got a small family, really, I mean, and the core group of us is…you know, this year was rough on us — my Paw Paw passed away — but Christmas is gonna be a great time for us to regroup and spend time together. And of course, it’s all in the right spirit of giving and just lovin’ on each other and spendin’ quality time. So I’m lookin’ forward to that. It’s gonna be a great year.”

Casey is on the radio now with his debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” and it is available now at your favorite digital music store, including iTunes by clicking HERE.

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  1. Family is so important any time of year, but especially Christmas! Hope Casey’s holiday is a warm one.

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