Brett Eldredge has shared one of his favorite holiday memories.  Turns out he is quite the jokester!!

A few years ago my mom asked my brother and I for a new robe for Christmas. Being the jokesters that we are, we got the idea to get a really old gross robe and smeared brown shoe polish on it to make it look gross because we wanted to see how she would react. She opened it and tried to act like she liked it but I couldn’t keep from laughing my butt off!  I was laughing so hard I was crying!  Eventually she figured out it was a prank and we went to the other room and brought her a brand new soft, clean robe! I kept the robe for Halloween and dressed up like ‘Cousin Eddy’ from Christmas Vacation!

Brett follows up his hit single “Raymond” with new track “It Ain’t Gotta Be Love” which is available now on iTunes by clicking HERE.  Keep up to date with Brett by visiting his official website,