Wade Bowen’s New Single “Saturday Night” Available Now On iTunes

BNA recording artist Wade Bowen just released his new single, “Saturday Night”, on iTunes.  Bowen has a great solid sound that will fit in nicely on country radio.  His new single has a unique view on one of the most sought out days of the week, Saturday Night.  While most weekend-type songs are about partying & living-it-up, this new single is quite the opposite. 

“Saturday Night” is a tale of a guy who is at the bar but not having a good time like everyone else.  He is lonely, even though there is a crowd, and has nothing waiting for him at home; other than Sunday morning.  As he sits at the bar thinking about his sad goodbye, he is wondering  why everybody loves Saturday night.  The new the tune is one that is catchy and is sure to make an impact on country radio with lyrics such as  “‘Why does everybody love Saturday night, Stale smell of beer and the smoke in your eyes, I keep sittin’ and drinken’ and thinkin’ about a sad good-bye, So tell me why is everybody so in love with Saturday night.” 

Wade is currently busy touring in Texas, but he will be making his way out to country radio stations promoting his new single “Saturday Night”.  You can start enjoying his new single now by taking a listen and then be sure to pick up your copy of “Saturday Night” available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.

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