Phil Vassar knows how to get folks in the holiday spirit with his newly released holiday album NOEL.  Vassar’s charasmatic personality shines through on this album as he sings classic Christmas tunes as well as fun and new holiday music. 

NOEL is the first full length album produced on Vassar’s own record label, Rodeowave Entertainment.  The album is comprised of 10 songs, 5 are classic tunes that we all know & love during this time of year and the additional 5 tunes were written/co-written by Vassar as he brings the holiday season to life.  “Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas Without You” kicks the album off with a jazzy feel to it that will remain timeless over the years to come.  Phil’s rich vocals on the medley of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Angels We Have Heard On High” is top notch quality.  The musical arrangement coupled with his rich voice gives this medley of classic holiday music the recognition it deserves. “I Save Christmas”, “Big Ol’ Texas Christmas” & “Santa’s Gone Hollywood” showcase the fun, energetic, charming side of Phil that we have all come to know and love.  You can almost hear Phil’s smile as he sings these songs, knowing he is having just as much fun as you will when your listening.  Vassar does a fabulous job on “I”ll Be Home For Christmas”.  He once again takes a popular holiday tune and gives it a whole new sound. His smooth, slow approach on this song was effective as he captured the true message that belongs with this classic song.  “Away In A Manager” will always be a testament to the holiday season and Vassar’s duet with Kellys Collins gives justice to this song.  Their harmonies are strong and their voices blend together beautifully.  “Let’s Make A Little Christmas Tonight” is another tune co-written by Vassar and serves as a perfect holiday love song as it is romantic not only with the lyrics and presentation, but the musical arrangement that is once again – excellent.

NOEL offers listeners a well rounded holiday album as it includes the holiday songs that will always be a part of this season and it also offers something new to enjoy.  Vassar nails it on this album with his song choices and music arrangements, making this holiday album unique, fun & timeless.  NOEL is a must-have for the holiday season. Pick up a copy on Vassar’s official site by clicking HERE or on iTunes HERE.  Spread the holiday cheer and pick up a copy for your family members, friends, co-workers, etc… Stuff their stockings early so they can enjoy this great holiday album throughout the season.

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