Miranda Lambert’s highly anticipated fourth studio album FOUR THE RECORD is now available and will no doubt skyrocket up to the top of the charts, and rightfully so.  The album houses 14 tracks, six of which Lambert wrote/co-wrote, including a track with husband Blake Shelton. 

Four The Record sets itself apart from Miranda’s first three albums, as she takes it a step further and puts it all out there.  Her hardwork is apparent as the album is filled with creativity and uniqueness.  Lambert reflects soul, passion & of course some attitude throughout the album and brings it all together so that it flows seamlessly. This album is a work of art and Miranda Lambert serves as the talented artist behind the masterpiece.  Four The Record is not just an album, it’s a statement.

Four The Record kicks of with a message in first song “All Kinds of Kinds”.  The song brings attention to the fact there are all different walks of life and that is what keeps the world spinning.  “Fastest Girl In Town” is a sassy rockin’ tune that is a classic Miranda-esque track.  With lines like  my reputation follows me around, just makes me wanna give ‘em more to talk about and if he pulls us over I’ll turn on the charm, you’ll be in the slammer and I’ll be on his arm, the tune will no doubt become a fan favorite and will also be a great one see Miranda perform live.  “Safe” showcases Miranda’s softer side as she sings about keeping a relationship full of love safe, while “Dear Diamond” serves as confessional to an affair, only she speaks the confession to her beautiful, flawless diamond rather than speak the truth and hurt the man she married. It goes without saying that “Baggage Claim” served as a great introductory single to the new album.  Fans quickly embraced Miranda’s new tune and it quickley worked its way up the charts settling in nicely in the Top 5.  “Over You” was written by both Miranda & husband Blake Shelton.  The song holds significant meaning to them, more specifically for Blake, as it is about his brother that passed away in a car accident.  The tenderness in Miranda’s vocals is evident in this track as she sings about never getting over the loss.  Blake Shelton steps in on “Better in the Long Run” as they sing about a love that is coming undone and in the long run it would be best for them to part ways.  With lines like It’s no surprise we’ve come undone, but I can’t unlove you just because you say it’s better in the long run, it is clear that they will always love each other.

All 14 tracks on the album have their own sound and story.  Each one stands out on their own, capturing the listener from start to finish.  Four The Record is an album that holds promise & longevity with several solid tracks that will make for great singles to be heard on Country Radio.

Four The Record is available in stores now as well as digital outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE.  Be sure to pick up a copy – or a few as this album will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Keep up to date with Miranda by visiting her official website, www.MirandaLambert.com.


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