Husband and wife duo Joey + Rory have recently released their new holiday album A Farmhouse Christmas.  The duo does a perfect job capturing the holiday spirit on their 12-track CD which includes traditional classics such as “Blue Christmas” and “Away In A Manger”.  Of the album, Joey says “We made this record with hopes of trying to bring the listener into our home and share a small piece of our world at Christmas time with them”.  Rory adds, “It brings on so many feelings that other times of the year just don’t.  We seem to laugh (and eat) more, think deeper, reminisce more, and for a short time, most of our priorities all to come into perspective”.

Joey + Rory start things off with “It’s Christmas Time” which was written by Rory Feek.  Joey’s sweet voice immediately gets you in the holiday spirit as she sings about the holiday season from trimming the tree, to making room at the table for extra guests.  “If We Make It Through December” is a track that was originally recorded by Merle Haggard.  While the song is not intended to be an actual “holiday” tune, this track is definitely fitting on this album.  Having Haggard join in on the song is another bonus.  “We can’t even begin to tell you what an honor it is to have Merle singing on it with us,” said Joey.  “There are some dreams that even when they come true, you still think you must be dreaming… and this is one”“Remember Me” is another standout track on the album, showcasing Rory’s smooth vocals.  The song holds a deep message that should be remembered not only during the holiday season, but also year around.  “Diamond O” holds a classic “western” tune, coupled with Joey’s impressive yodeling skills while “What The Hell (It’s The Holidays)” also holds a classic sound that includes a modern day excuse that we all tend to use during this time of year, “it’s the holidays…”  The duo did an excellent job on their rendition of well known holiday tune “Blue Christmas” with Joey taking the lead vocal on this track. Joey + Rory’s impeccable harmonies absolutely sparkle on “Away In A Manager”. Both vocals are showcased on this track as they do an amazing presentation of a Christmas song that will always be a part of this holiday.  

A Farmhouse Christmas serves as a well balanced holiday album.  It is filled with holiday spirit that holds a timeless sound that is sure to get put you in the mood for the holidays.  A Farmhouse Christmas is available in retail stores now and on iTunes by clicking HERE.  Be sure to pick up a copy this holiday season and spread the holiday joy & pick up one for family and friends.

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