Joe Nichols released his sixth studio album, It’s All Good, today, November 8, and the album is exactly that – it’s ALL good! In fact, its great!!  The new album houses 10 solid tracks, including his hit single “Take It Off”.  Nichols’ rich voice once again captures listeners on this album from start to finish. Joe sticks to his roots resulting in the album maintaining a traditional country sound. 

Nichols’ kicks the album off with his lead single “Take It Off”.  The carefree tune serves as a great summer anthem making you want to “dig your hand down in the cooler, grab a cold one & twist the top – take it off”“Somebody’s Mama” is a unique song about the love that got away.  As he remenices about about the girl he loved, he figures that she has moved on, married a rich man and is a mother by now.  Title track “It’s All Good” has a classic country sound that is laid back and easy going. While things don’t always work or go as planned, it’s still all good.  “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is a standout track on the album.  Between the music arrangement and Joe’s solid vocals along with Alison Krauss singing in the background, the song intrigues you right from the start.  “No Truck, No Boat, No Girl” once again showcases Nichols fun personality as does “Never Gonna Get Enough” where you can almost hear Joe’s bright smile in the song.

It’s All Good is a definite must-have for your country collection.  Visit your favorite retail store or download your copy from iTunes by clicking HERE.

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