The Band Perry is beginning to think about their next album, but they admit writing for the album has been an on-going process since before they released their first album. Kimberly explains, “The writing muscle is just that, it’s a creative muscle and so it’s one that we just try to keep exercised… But album number two almost feels like it’s unfolding right before us. And I think it’s just more about continuously writing.” 

Neil agrees, “A writer always writes.  And I don’t know that we’re necessarily all the time writing for album two. I think, just, we love to write so the songs evolve into feeling for album number two.”  While the next album is still a work in progress, Kimberly says, “I feel like the batch of songs that we are writing right now hang really well together which may end up being the next chapter, album two.” 

The Band Perry is promoting their single, “All Your Life,” off of their debut album. They are also celebrating their People’s Choice nomination for Favorite Country Artist.  Keep up to date with Kimberly, Neil & Reid by visiting their official website