Taylor Swift receives a lot of gifts from her fans when she’s out on tour and she loves it.  She says, “[They] give me the coolest presents and I have this entire room like dedicated to it. One in my house, there’s one at the management office, and I keep everything.” 

If she had to pick a favorite gift it was actually one that a bunch of fans collaborated on called the Puzzle Piece Project.  Taylor explains, “there were these puzzle pieces that this group of fans organized and like each one of them made one. And they were all over the world. And they put so much effort into it. They were all these glittery, beautiful, artistic puzzle pieces. It seemed like every time I turned around at a show, someone would show up at the meet and greet and give me one of these puzzle pieces and I kept ’em. When it got to the end of the puzzle, like after the fifteen month tour was over, I had all these puzzle pieces and I put ’em together and it made the shape of this giant heart. And so I went and I got this giant canvas and I painted the canvas and glued the puzzle on to the canvas.”  Listen To Taylor Swift Talk About Gifts From Her Fans.  According to the weekly updates we receive from Swift’s label, Taylor framed the heart and has it hanging in her house.

Taylor’s latest single, “Sparks Fly,” becomes her 14th consecutive top ten hit this week. Her new fragrance, Wonderstruck, also just hit stores, and Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live CD/DVD will  hit the shelves on November 21st.

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