Kenny Chesney’s brand-new single is a song called “Reality” — and believe it or not, it was inspired by a visit to Kenny’s dentist! Kenny says that “Reality” — the song — is about finding your own ways to escape the stresses of real life, and for Kenny, a visit to the dentist can do him a world of good.  Listen to Kenny talk about “Reality” HERE.

Additionally Kenny says the song is about escaping reality, “That’s what the song is about. Everybody has their way of getting away from it, whether it’s…for me, it’s a beach bar, on a boat underneath the stars, or with my band on a stage, even though that is our reality, but it’s a great part of our reality. For some, it’s a fast car, for some, it’s a mason jar. You know, everybody’s got their way to escape reality. And that song, and the idea, that premise, was started, I swear, with me sitting in a dentist chair.”

Chesney’s new single officially impacts country radio on October 10th.  “Reality” is the latest single from Kenny’s hit-filled Hemingway’s Whiskey album, which also includes “You and Tequila,” “Live a Little,” “The Boys of Fall,” and “Somewhere with You.”  Hemingway’s Whiskey is available in stores or you can purchase on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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  1. Cool ideas. Although a dentist chair is the opposite for me. Thank you for all your hard work and great music and live shows!!!

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