Kellie Pickler’s Upcoming Guest Appearance On 90210

Fans of the hit series 90210 will get a special treat this coming Tuesday, as Kellie Pickler makes a guest appearance, performing her single, “Tough,” and playing Sally Butler, the singing cousin of actor Justin Deeley’s character, Austin. Kellie says she had a blast doing the show, and there’s a smile in her voice as she recalls the days when her grandmother had issues with allowing young Kellie to watch the show’s sometimes-racy namesake predecessor, Beverly Hills, 90210.    Listen Here 

Kelly did say that she had a great time as a guest star on 90210. “It was really, really great. All the people were so…the cast was amazing; they were so sweet. And so…they were so welcoming, and made me feel like, comfortable, on set, ’cause I’d never been on set before. I’d never done anything like that, and so this was really just a way for me to kind of get my feet wet and see if I even like doing this. And I play Sally Butler, who is a country girl, so I didn’t have to stretch too far, but yeah, it’s like I said, it was exciting, and it’s really such a small part, so don’t blink, or you’ll miss me!”

Look for Kellie in the 90210 episode premiering Tuesday, October 18th, at 8pm, ET, on The CW!