Justin Moore hates Halloween.  “I’ve just never liked Halloween,” he says.  “I can’t stand it. I know I’m odd but that’s like the one holiday I don’t know why, but I never got. As a kid, I never dressed up. I never wanted my face painted or nothing. I was a strange kid. I was a stranger kid than I am adult if you can imagine that.”  But now that he has a child and another one on the way he may change his tune. 

“Maybe I’ll like it a little better this year since Ella’s old enough to maybe trick or treat a little bit, but I think she’s gonna be a cat. I think that’s what my wife decided. We’ve been practicing with her the “meow” and that kind of stuff.” 

Justin was hoping to be hiding on his tour bus for the holiday, but he’s actually home that weekend, so maybe he’ll take Ella trick-or-treating.  Or he could dress up as the yuppie guy who doesn’t know how to “Bait A Hook”, which he sings about in his latest song.

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