Jake Owen has a blockbuster in the making with his hot new single, “Alone with You.” Even before the song has hit radio in a big way, the sexy lyrics and amazing groove have already made “Alone with You” a big favorite among the tracks on Jake’s Barefoot Blue Jean Night album. And Jake thinks that one reason he’s been getting such an amazing response to the song is at least in part because a lot of people have been there.

“People are just comin’ out of nowhere tellin’ me about that song. Whether people want to admit it or not, there’s part of them that know there’s been a time in their life that they’ve had someone that they were dating or whatever that wasn’t necessarily…it wasn’t, like, true love as much as it was like tryin’ to figure out what the situation is.”

“Alone with You” is the follow-up to Jake’s two-week number-one smash, the million-selling title track to his chart-topping album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night.  The album is available in retail stores as well as iTunes by clicking HERE.

Jake just wrapped up touring with Keith Urban on the Get Closer 2011 tour.  Keep up to date with Jake by visiting his official website, www.JakeOwen.net.