Photo Credit Bryan Allen

Sonia Leigh launched her debut country album, 1978 December, last month on Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Artists label.  Since Sonia’s release she has been featured on CMT Listen Up for the month of October, featuring her hit single “My Name Is Money” along with several other tracks from her new album as well as exclusive interviews.

Prior to the release of 1978 December, we got the chance to catch up with Sonia to chat about her new release.  Sonia described her new album as having a lot of different sounds on it that are tied together with the same stream, as the album represents an eclectic collection of her writing. 

The Story behind debut single “My Name Is Money”:   Sonia shared with us that she needed some new “threads” for performing and she went shopping with Zac Brown’s wife Shelley.  While shopping, Sonia started thinking about how people feel when they have money and when they don’t, the power of  it and if money could talk – what would it say.  Sonia impressively wrote “My Name Is Money” in a half an hour trying to capture the essence of the personality of money.

Selecting Songs For 1978 December: Sonia’s songwriting skills are strong and very impressive as she wrote/co-wrote all 10 songs on the album.  Sonia indicated that it was difficult choosing which songs were going to go on her debut album as she had a lot of material.  Sonia explained that she wanted people to be able to put in the cd, play it from start to finish, and love it. 

Career Advice From Zac Brown:  Zac has been a big part of Sonia’s career.  Before a ZBB show recently, we chatted quickly with him about Sonia and it was more than evident how proud he is of her.  When we asked Sonia what advice Zac has given to her, she said that Zac has encouraged her to just be herself.  Sonia loves being part of the Southern Ground Artists label because it isn’t about “putting on the ritz”, its about delivering the music. 

Advice To New Artists: Being a new artist, we asked Sonia what piece of advice she would give to artists who are out there trying to start their career.  Sonia’s advice is to be involved with your career and treat people with respect.  Every show is important whether there is 3 people in the crowd or thousands of people, everyone counts because you never know who they are.  If those 3 people tell 10 people about you, and those 10 people tell 10 more, you have a fanbase built off of 3 people.  Make every move count.

CMR’s 5 Quick Questions:

You Can’t go a day without: My guitar

Before you take the stage you always: Take a very deep calming breath

Your idea of a night out on the town: The bar down the street where I live

Last album or song downloaded: Ozzy Osburne No More Tears

When you think of Country Music the first that comes to mind: George Strait

Sonia Leigh’s debut album 1978 December is available now in stores as well as on iTunes.  We loved the album and think you will too, check out our review HERE.  Be sure to keep up with Sonia by following her on facebook & twitter as well as her official website