Montgomery Gentry are back with a brand new album REBELS ON THE RUN available on Tuesday, October 18th.  Eddie Montgomery & Troy Gentry once again bring fans a fulfilling album from start to finish.  Rebels On The Run is the first album released on their new label Average Joe’s Entertainment and contains 11 solid songs including their recently released single “Where I Come From”.

Eddie & Troy deliver their new album with the same energy & passion you see when they perform on stage, you can hear their personality shine throughout each song.  “Damn Right I Am” appropriately kicks things off serving as a great introduction to the album.  The duo sing about being proud of where their from, the way they were raised & the country they live in.  Their passion is more than evident throughout the song as they sing to get their message across.  Staying true to form, the duo’s new album contains several upbeat, boot-stompin tracks such as “Ain’t No Law Against That”, “Simple Things”,  “So Called Life” and more.  Troy & Eddie also showcase their softer side on “Empty” and “Missing You”.  The ballads give listeners another side to the rockin’ duo where their vocals are strong and shine on these tracks.  “I Like Those People” features two country music icons, Charlie Daniels & Alabama’s Randy Owen.  The tune is a catchy one about those who don’t kick you when your down or judge you when you make a mistake.  The simplicity of the song makes it an easy laid back tune that hooks you right from the start.  Album titled track “Rebels On The Run” is another solid track on the album about two friends, Ace & Billy Joe, who made a beer bottle pact that they would always be one for all & all for one.  While their lives may have taken different turns than expected, the two still remain friends and their beer bottle pact made back in the day still remains intact.  The song is a great reminder of the strong friendship that both Troy & Eddie have and that the “beer bottle pact” seems to speak for them as well.   “Where I Come From” is the first released single from the album and since its release, the song has been climbing the charts as well as rockin’ Country Radio Stations across the nation.  The song serves as a solid testimony to the duo’s pride & passion of where they come from.

Rebels On The Run is a must-have album that houses several singles that would be great to hear on Country Radio.  The songs Troy & Eddie choose for this album each speak for themselves as they all contain individual messages based on the realities in life.  The album is country from start to finish and is a solid representation of Montgomery Gentry.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Montgomery Gentry’s Rebels On The Run at your favorite retail store, or download on iTunes by clicking HERE.  Keep up to date with Eddie & Troy by visiting their official website,

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