Hunter Hayes has given y’all a warning with his debut single “Storm Warning”.  Now as release day is here, the storm has hit as Hunter Hayes releases his self-titled debut album on Tuesday, October 11th.  Hunter’s talents are beyond amazing as he played several roles on this debut album.  Not only is Hunter the only vocalist, but he is also the only musician playing every (yes we said every) instrument on the album.  In addition, the twenty year old artist wrote/co-wrote all twelve songs.  Hunter also put in some time on the other side of the studio glass as he sat with producer Dan Huff and co-produced his debut album.   

The twelve song debut album is impressive & memorable.  Hit song “Storm Warning” kicks things off, giving listeners a great introduction for what is to come on the album.  Hunter’s ballads, such as “Wanted”, “Rainy Season” and “All I Ever” as well as others, are beautiful and strongly delivered with a lot of heart & passion. “Faith To Fall Back On” is another standout track on the album as the song reminds you to learn to put your trust where it belongs, and find a little faith to fall back on.  Hunter shakes things up as he sings about a girl he loved “More Than I Should”, while on the other hand he is looking to be “Somebody’s Heartbreak”.

Hunter’s smooth vocals and his talented musical arrangements for each song make this album enjoyable from start to finish.  This album serves as a strong debut & contains several songs that are ready to impact country radio & make their way up the country charts. 

Be sure to pick up your copy of Hunter Hayes self-titled debut album in a retail store near you or on iTunes by clicking HERE.  Also be sure to keep up with Hunter by visiting his official website,

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