Buddy Lee Attraction’s (BLA) Scott Stuttard, Executive Sponsorship Director, is pleased to announce Average Joe’s Entertainment’s country entertainer Colt Ford has officially aligned with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors to produce his signature liquor line, Goodtime. Goodtime Moonshine (90 proof) and Goodtime Vodka (80 proof) will hit stores beginning today, Wednesday, October 19, 2011 with initial availability throughout retail stores in Georgia and Tennessee with expansions beginning immediately.

“I wanted to have real moonshine made by real moonshiners and that is what I got,” said Ford. “This took over a year to get the government to approve, and it is really special. I could not be more proud to be involved with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors. We have some great moonshine and vodka that I will put up against any on the market. This is gonna be a fun ride, and I am gonna do everything I can to make the world have a GOODTIME!”

The Georgia-based companies, Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors—Georgia’s largest beverage alcohol distributor—were the perfect match for Ford’s vision for the brand. Since the conception one year ago, the trio has transformed Goodtime brands from an idea to a reality.

“The Georgia Distilling Company has been honored to have the opportunity to partner with Colt Ford and United Distributing to bring the Goodtime brands into the market,” said Bill Mauldin, CEO and co-founder of the Company.  “As Colt is recognized by his peers and fans as being an authentic country musician and Georgia boy, we wanted to make a product for him that was just as authentic as he is. Goodtime Moonshine is an authentic Georgia moonshine recipe, using Georgia grown grains and handcrafted in a Georgia-made moonshine still to make a product as real as he is. We have made sure that every part of this product is 100% American, because a man like Colt Ford deserves no less.”

Buddy Lee Attraction’s Scott Stuttard added, “At BLA, we focus on bringing together our artists and brands that fit each other perfectly. Colt Ford and The Georgia Distilling Company is a excellent example of this type of partnership. We can’t be more excited for Colt and his launch of Goodtime Moonshine and Goodtime Vodka.”

Ford, Stuttard, Mauldin, and David Gregory with United Distributors announced the products yesterday at a press conference at United Distributors office, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information, please visit www.coltford.com and www.goodtimemoonshine.com.